Special Offers
Free Visual Wiring Inspection

Wiring can deteriorate over time, so it is important to have the wiring in your home inspected periodically. If your home is over 10 years old, a safety check of the wiring for visible signs of deterioration is recommended.

Our qualified electricians are trained to identify visible hazards and will inspect the most critical areas such as the fuseboard, electrical sockets, lighting points and safety earthing. We will carry out this inspection for you free of charge.

If you live in a relatively new home (less than 10 years old) the wiring may be in satisfactory condition but you may not have enough electrical outlets or the latest safety features that are provided by a RCD / minature circuit breaker fuseboard.

We are pleased to offer you help and advice in either of these areas. If you are the owner of your home, contact us free on 0800 652 5532 and we will arrange for one of our electricians to contact you for your Free Visual Wiring Inspection.