DOMESTIC - Rewires, Wiring & Fuseboxes

The life expectancy of a new electrical installation is approximately 20 Years. There are many factors that affect the life expectancy i.e. the type of wiring and how it was used. As the life of an installation is pretty long, it is easy to forget that it will eventually need replacing. Re-wiring a house ensures that the installation will be safe and still meet your current usage requirements. The following are indicators that the installation is quite old and needs re-wiring:

  • Black rubber cables
  • Cotton-covered wiring
  • Round pin sockets
  • Sockets on skirting boards
  • Switches in your bathroom

If you have any doubts as to the condition of the wiring, then we can conduct a Periodic Inspection for you; giving you a report highlighting the exact condition of the installation.

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